Beware of Slick-Talking Telemarketers Selling Bogus Toners

Have you been solicited for office supplies that was not from your supplier? Have you received supplies at inflated prices or that did not meet your expectations?

Don’t be embarrassed! You are not alone!

Not too long ago, there were "paper pirates" who would call businesses, large and small, and put on this act of being a salesperson of a company who has a massive blow out sale on products your company needs. The switch has been made and now their sales pitch has shifted over to selling toners.

According to Robert C. Goldberg, general counsel for the Business Technology Association, 23 individuals have already been arrested for allegedly selling more than $126 million dollars of toner at inflated prices.

These phony toner salesman may start calling your business asking, what you may think are, harmless questions such as "what kind of printer/copier does your company use, who is your primary vendor for toners and supplies for your machine?" Eventually, with enough of your companies' information they can pose themselves as your REAL vendors and start sending you phony invoices with rates 10 times more than the market price for the supplies.

As a Complete Office Solutions, Inc. customer, you know we do NOT call to solicit toner or supplies for your copier or printer. If you or someone in your office receives a call from someone pretending to be from COS, try to get their phone number, mailing address or any other information possible. Then call us. We will work with you and the authorities to put a stop to their scam. COS is a proud member of the Business Technology Association, a dealer organization that has an active program to put an end to fraudulent supplies telemarketing. BTA has provided some of the information contained below:

How to Avoid Being a Victim

  • Have specific individual(s) responsible for ordering supplies
  • Train all employees who answer the phone
  • Don’t give equipment information, like make, model or serial numbers over the phone
  • Do business with known companies or ask for references
  • Issue a written purchase order with authorized signature and number
  • Instruct supplier to put purchase order number on its invoice and bill of lading
  • Don’t pay bills unless they match your documentation
  • Merchandise must conform to bill of lading or refuse it
  • Don’t pay for – and return – unordered merchandise
  • Report incident to appropriate authorities immediately

  • Please be aware of the scams out there and if any questions do arise please feel free to contact us, Complete Office Solutions, Inc. at 626.329.4800.

    Current and Prospective Customers: If you have any questions about your service agreement and wondering if toners and supplies are included please feel free to reach out to us.

    We, at Complete Office Solutions, Inc., are here to provide excellent customer service and would be delighted to help you and your company with any and all your office needs.