The Secret that Copier Dealers don't want you to know: How 3 Tier Color Billing Can REDUCE costs up to 50%!

A True Difference Maker

In the copier business there aren't a whole lot of true differentiators. One brand might claim they have the best print quality, another might say theirs is the most reliable, while another might say their copiers will make you a prime rib sandwich and toast it for you if you tell it to. Let's face it, copiers put toner on paper all the same, and they all do a pretty good job at doing so. There isn't a whole lot to differentiate between brands anymore. One brand, however, has come up with a game-changer when it comes to billing and can be a true difference maker within your organization.

How 3 Tier Color Billing Works
In 2013 Kyocera Total Document Solutions introduced what they call 3 Tier Color. Kyocera was then, and still is, the only brand that monitors the amount of color toner used on a page and bill it accordingly. Here's how the tier 3 color billing system works. The amount of dots that each color toner (magenta, cyan and yellow) put on paper is tracked through a meter on the device. Once that meter is calculated it breaks down how many pages were done in 3 tiers. For illustrative purposes lets look at the following breakdown:

1.Tier 1: Spot Color

2.Tier 2: Business Color

3.Tier 3: Graphics Color

For example let's say you have an important email you need to print off. You click file, print and retrieve the email at the copier. You bring it back to your desk not noticing your company was just billed for a full page of color, even though the copier only used color toner for the little blue email address at the top. Does that sound like a fair deal? Not in the least. It doesn't make sense. Your vendor is charging up to 10 cents or higher per page of color that you print regardless of how much color is on that page. Think about how often that happens at your current job.

Kyocera says they can reduce color printing costs up to 50% with this system and they are the only manufacturer currently doing this. So next time you ask a potential vendor how they can help you, keep in mind this real dollars and SENSE difference maker ask for a Kyocera copier and stop throwing money away on your color printing. Contact us today to learn more about our printer and copier solutions.